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Thursday, 27 October 2016


In 1989 1 picked up a sampler album called A Full Head of Steam.
One of the tracks I Walk Alone by a band called Bliss impressed me so much that I sought out their album Love Prayer.
Step forward to 2016 and I stumble on a CD by Bliss  in a charity shop in Forres.
Ya beauty I thought but my joy was unfortunately short lived.
Turns out it was not the same band at all but a collection of songs inspired by the teachings and practice of Raja Yoga meditation which is taught for free throughout the world by the Brahma Kunaris World Spiritual University
Given Forres' close proximity to the wonderful Findhorn Foundation this should not have come as too much of a surprise.
The CD will either be recycled or will find it's way to Mrs CC's Zen Zone

Two tracks from Bliss mark 1 including the aforementioned and previously featured I Walk Alone and one from Bliss mark 2

Bliss (89) - I Hear You Call

Bliss (89) - I Walk Alone

Bliss (03) - Thank You


  1. I bought that first album too CC and have no idea what it sounds like

  2. At least it makes a really funny story.

  3. Superb, made me laugh out loud.

  4. Cheers for these. I've got some songs from their later album in 1991 which aren't bad at all.

    Quick question.....don't you think to turn the CD round and read the sleevenotes?? Would love to have seen your WTF? reaction as the ambience emanated from the speakers.