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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

No Reason to my Cataloguing System

In most collections Astrid would be catalogued in alphabetical order next to yesterday's featured artists Aswad - but not on the CCM shelves - oh no.
Astrid are filed under Indie/Pop and Aswad on the other side of the room under Reggae.
However as No Reason the Astrid CD  I now have is a single it is filed in the strictly alphabetical CD singles section. It would be adjacent to Aswad if  I had any of their singles but is in fact in between Asian Dub Foundation and Attic Lights. Glad we cleared that up.
I had vaguely heard of Astrid a Glasgow band with strong ties to the Isle of Lewis. I then saw a terrific documentary on BBC Alba about their singer Willie Campbell who left the band after mental health and alcohol problems returning to Lewis where he has successfully re-built his life and is now playing music again.

From 1998 and recently purchased in Callander a tourist town in the Trossachs it is a rather splendid piece of indie pop.
My burning software has erroneously attributed this to Shetland musician Astrid Williamson so apologies if her name pops up.

Astrid - No Reason

Astrid - Standing in Line

Astrid - See the Sun


  1. A very logical way to file those albums, well done. I also use the same system as you do for cd singles, but I suspect you have a few more, courtesy of your charity shopping, than I do. Currently watching a man on a tractor in our vegetable field.

  2. Currently around 120 or so CD singles

  3. I've tried several maddeningly complicated filing permutations over the years, but these days everything is strictly A-Z regardless of genre. Of course my collection is still boxed away and largely inaccessible following our move 5 years ago, so it's all rather academic really.

    1. but you've labelled the boxes, knowing which letters are represented within?

  4. by the way, three very very good tracks, liked a lot by 50% of the humans in the house. Cats ignored the music, a dog licked its (own) arse.

  5. I quite like Astrid Williamson