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Monday, 17 October 2016

Another Wee Bit of Rosie

My recent purchase of Rosie Thomas' 2002 debut When We Were Small on the Sub Pop label which I recently purchased in a Pitlochry charity shop has given me yet another cataloguing conundrum.
I have the follow up from 2003 Only With  Laughter Can You Win filed in the Folk/Singer- Songwriter section but she would be equally at home in the Americana sector.
For what it's worth I think the debut is slightly better
than the follow up.
Whereas October may not necessarily be the best track on the album it would be somewhat churlish not to feature it at this point in time.

Rosie Thomas - Wedding Day

Rosie Thomas - October


  1. Genre sub-sections within a music collection has the potential to open up a whole can'o'worms. I've always stuck to a straight A-Z.

  2. Just listening to one of my plethora of Sufjan Stevens albums, and I have read that he, along with Damien Jurado and others, made an album with a Rosie Thomas. That would be the Rosie Thomas you are posting about.