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Monday, 31 October 2016


Last of the holiday purchases today and it is Sterotypes  - a compilation of new music from Mojo magazine.

I used to subscribe to Uncut and bought Mojo regularly. Now I only ever buy them on holiday and even then I usually only go for one on the basis of what I think may be the best CD.
This edition's main article was on The Specials and Two Tone which was pretty interesting.

I've long been an admirer of Conor Oberst from as far back as his Bright Eyes days but have never got as far as acquiring one of his records. I really should right that wrong and I suspect that  I could do worse than his new record Ruminations on the Nonsuch label on which the track below appears.

And now for something completely different as the Pythons might say - Acid Arab with Buzq Blues on an album called  Musique de France on the Crammed Disc label. Formidable

Conor Oberst - Mamah Borthwick

Acid Arab - Buzq Blues


  1. I haven't bought a music mag for a few years now. I suspect that U2 will still be featured every other month in Q lest we forget how wank they really are.
    I like Conor Oberst a lot but like you have never bought any of the solo stuff for some reason.

  2. Acid Arab (I'm assuming not a reference to a Dundee United fan): great song. Sun shining, high 20s today.