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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Drever Mackenzie and Cypriot Brandy

You know what it's like when you go on holiday and return with that bottle of Cypriot brandy which tasted fantastic when you were over there but doesn't seem quite the same when you get back home.
Such was my experience with Drever Mackenzie a purchase from Portree, Skye's largest settlement.
A pleasant enough listen but not quite the same as listening to it whilst  negotiating Skye's stunning Trotternish peninsula.

The Drever in question is not Kris but his old man Ivan with the Mackenzie being fellow Wolfstone member Wayne.
From 1997 it was erroneously re-issued as a Wolfstone recording under the new title The Strange Place

Drever Mackenzie - Till I Sleep

Drever Mackenzie - Banks of the Ness


  1. Great music for over there though - I have a good friend with a house on the Uig side of Trotternish and they can look across to Lewis on a clear day. Was across last year and got a good shot of the Old Man, then took one of the rocky pinnacle (bad I know).

  2. This should end up in a charity shop of your choice. That second track was pretty poor, I listened for 64 seconds

  3. I have the casting vote then! It's the opener for me. Sorry CC