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Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Urbanwear is a compilation which I picked up in Granton on Spey
It comes courtesy of Lee Jeans - the jeans which clothed America apparently.

Nine tracks from different American geographical locations.
Steve Wynn (Florida) and Aimee Mann (Virginia)are on the shelves and have previously featured so were not considered for selection  today.
I've opted for The Posies (Seattle) and Angel Corpus Christi (San Francisco)
Barkmarket (Brooklyn), Urge Overkill (Chicago), Everclear (Portland), Buffalo Tom (Oklahoma) and The Swans (Dallas) failed to trouble the scorers

The Posies -Dream All Day

Angel Corpus Christi - Candy


  1. The Posies were on a particularly excellent roll during the 'Dear 23'/'Frosting on the Beater' period.

  2. That sounds like a very good charity shop purchase.

  3. Buffalo Tom have been known to have their moments. Really interesting CD.

  4. Good call on playing the Posies... and the Swede is so right.

  5. Was trying to think of a series of my own and after my Rainy Night In Georgia post it was going to be a journey through the US by song - This album seems to do that. Good idea but back to the drawing board for me!