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Saturday 15 October 2016

Dylan Covered - All I Really Want to Do

So here it is - the new series I threatened in my recent Byrds post and not nearly as original as the suggestions in the column box
The fact that there are about half a dozen Dylan songs on The Byrds Definitive Collection gave me the idea.
And let's face it given that he is probably the most covered artist in the world (or maybe second after The Beatles) there should by plenty to choose from

The idea is to compare and contrast the cover with the original
The default position is that Bob will invariably  be better but there may be exceptions.
You of course my free to take issue with my pontifications.

It's only proper that we start with The Byrds

Verdict - in this instance the Nobel Prize winner is the winner yet again

Bob Dylan - All I Really Want to Do

The Byrds - All I Really Want to Do


  1. I prefer just about every Byrds cover to the Bob originals. Maybe My Back Pages is debatable.

    Then again, I suspect I'll be disagreeing with your default position quite a lot...

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  3. With the odd exception (Like a Rolling Stone, for instance), there is at least one cover of every Dylan song I like better than his original. This is one of them.

  4. This one should run and run, CC. A few years ago, in my pre-blogging days, I did a playlist of Dylan covers (I think to mark one of his more significant birthdays) and it went on for pigging hours.

    World Party did a rather fine rendition of this one on their "Private Revolution" album, too.

  5. Bob Dylan, an American treasure.

  6. As you know, I had a long-running series called "Originals vs. Covers" on my blog. I'd always been especially fascinated by obscure originals that inspired more celebrated versions.

  7. I'm always very interested to hear covers of Dylan's songs (Old Pa over at Tune Doctor concluded a long running series of these a couple of years back), but precious few touch the original. I'm biased though! The 1978 full band treatment of 'All I Really Want to Do' (on 'Bob Dylan at Budokan') might be more acceptable to those who struggle with young Bob's 1964 voice.

  8. Oh, dare I say it, but I'm one of those who, in just about every instance I can possibly think of, has always preferred Dylan covers to Dylan originals. I'll get me coat...

  9. Here at Alfie Towers it's the Byrds version for us - But that Nobel prize was for the words so thanks to Bob for writing them.

  10. I feel some good debates coming on!