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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Holiday Hiatus - Adam Ant

Unplug the jukebox and do us all a favour

Two early songs from Adam and the Ants today from before it all got rather silly.
Written by him alone with no contribution from Marco Pirroni who has a hand in most of the camper numbers.
Dirk are you still wearing White Sox?
If so, don't worry - ridicule is nothing to be scared of


  1. Awesome tunes. Adam is touring next year and I seriously flirted with the idea of going to see him. Then I saw the ticket prices and decided against it...

    Oddly, his last alsbum had some rather decent tunes on it and even included a couple of songs that were originally written and demoed from this early era.

  2. Ah, I still like these, nice choices CC! I was fortunate enough to see Adam & The Ants on the Young Parisians tour in March 1979, when they were of course a very different kettle of fish to their later incarnation and were truly still what you might call art punk, playing songs that were undoubtedly controversial, Adam a million miles from the pop prince for prepubescents that he later became. I guess he was just far too good looking!
    I still enjoy Dirk Wears White Sox from time to time and have a soft spot for him - but I never ever ever want to have to sit through the video for Stand and Deliver again!

  3. True Story coming up: back when Cassandra Complex from Leeds moved to Aachen in the late 80's, I used to 'hang around' with them fairly frequently. And on occasion I indeed wore white socks, which made Rodney Orpheus and Andy Booth shout at me at the top of their lungs all through the Pub we were in: "DIRK WEARS WHITE SOX!!" again and again ... after that dreadful event I NEVER wore white socks again for the rest of me life! Which reminds me to listen to the album again, something I haven't done since then as well, I'm afraid ...

  4. Love this piece of writing....bettered only by Dirk's very funny recollection!

    I don't think anyone should begrudge Adam for making the seamless transition to pop idol after what Malky Mac did to him in taking away his band. Great songs I hadn't thought about in years