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Wednesday 26 October 2016

The Sophtware Slump

Until recently the only Grandaddy record I had was The Broken Down Comforter Collection which is pretty patchy at best.
It kind of put me off acquiring any more of their stuff although. I have often seen their second studio album from 2000 The Sophtware Slump and swithered about purchasing it.
I finally took the plunge in a charity shop in Callander and I'm glad I did as it is infinitely better than TBDCC.

Another cataloguing conundrum in that I currently have them filed under Americana whereas they clearly have much more in common with bands such as Mercury Rev and The Flaming Lips who currently reside in the Indie/Pop section.
They are shortly scheduled to release their first album since 2006.

Grandaddy - Hewlett's Daughter

Grandaddy - Broken Household Appliance National Forest


  1. A great album, although I actually prefer the two that followed it song-wise. Can't wait for the new record.

    There are links to Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev as I think both Grandaddy and MR have members that have at one time been in the Lips.

  2. The only Grandaddy album I have is 'Sumday'. 6Music have been playing two songs from the new album, one of them, 'Way We Won't', is particularly good.

  3. Definitely my favourite Grandaddy record - I love Broken Household Appliance National Forest - but the Robster's right when he says the next two are great as well.

    As to your cataloguing conundrum... yeah, that's the problem with doing it by genre. I'd say they sit midway between Americana and Indie/Alt-rock. Do you have an in-between shelf?

  4. Grandaddy reforming and releasing a new album! Yes! Lucky enough to see Elliot Smith come out and sing a tune with the boys from Merced, CA at the Troubadour in LA. Magic, and new magic to come!

  5. Breaking news to me. I didn't know about a new album but very excited now. You made the right decision picking up the Sophtware Slump. That's where I came in, and I have stuck with Grandaddy ever since. I'm in the minority, but I really like Jason Lytle's solo album Dept. of Disappearance too.

  6. This is a good album. Played it a lot at the time.

  7. I like this album but prefer Sumday

  8. Decent album but not a band that I've followed all that much.

    Always thought Grandaddy/Mercury Rev/Flaming Lips were indie. Americana is surely more rootsy/foll-like.

    Oh and its another reason why you should do things alphabetically...

  9. Hey, I wasn't kidding yo --