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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Seamonsters in Skye

It seemed a bit incongruous  spotting Seamonsters by The Wedding Present amongst  the usual suspects in the Highland Hospice charity shop in Portree, Skye.
I felt that it was my duty to liberate it from such surroundings.
Excellent stuff if a bit earmelting in places which is only to be expected with Steve Albini behind the controls

I've mentioned before that I was somewhat late to the Wedding (Present) Party but my lovely fellow bloggers have helped to broaden my horizons.

The bracketed Cockney Rebel cover is included as one of a very generous eight bonus tracks.

The Wedding Present - Dalliance

The Wedding Present - Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)


  1. Seamonsters is a great album, a good find CC.

  2. By David Gedge's own admission, 'Seamonsters' is a difficult listen. Not my favourite Weddoes album, but still a corker.

  3. At the risk of being sacrilegious in this corner of blogworld I'm not a big fan of the WP (quickly ducks) but I really do love the thought of you finding sea monsters in Skye....

    1. No one minds if you're not a fan of the Wedding Present, C. Just as long as you accept that you're wrong... ;-)

    2. :-) I prefer to think of it as 'outnumbered'!

  4. Was also late to the party, CC. It was a post about George Best by Friend of Rachel Worth (now retired, sadly) a few years ago that finally got me to stop riding the pine. Forever grateful. I have empathy for your plight in the charity shop. There are so many times I'm in a used record store when I think, who is the poor bastard that had to sell this album? Even though I already have it, I find myself wanting to buy it just for the euphoric feeling of seeing it again and at such a cheap price. I really do need help. C's shocking admission aside (kidding), the peanut gallery has always seemed divided on Seamonsters... meaning one side loves it and the other side thinks it's OK. I'm firmly in the OK camp. If I ranked the albums, it would probably end up just about in the middle. A very good charity shop find.

  5. I am probably pretty much in the middle of the spectrum with this one too Brian

  6. First heard of WP inevitably through Peelie. Bought their debut album George Best after he featured them heavily on his show and got to love tracks off that album and then followed it up with Bizarro which again had a couple of decent tracks to say....I grew out of them rather quickly (my age probably - early thirties, just settling down etc) and yet I still liked the ethos of the band - frantic guitar strumming teenage noiseniks - which played to the adolescent boyhood I still felt viscerally. Still do actually - I can attest, there's no upper age limit to that! Anyway back to your post - their Steve Harley cover is great and pricks the fey, decadent pomposity of the original. Most of their other covers though in my opinion suffer from the old quantity over quality syndrome. However, when Gedge formed Cinerama in the late 90s I was back on board with him and have pretty much followed and liked his stuff ever since.

  7. Took me to the release of Kennedy as a 45 to really fall for the charms of TWP. Have loved just about everything since.

    Seamonsters is my favourite record of theirs - guitars that somehow sound like a distressed whale stranded on a beach. Dalliance is one of their greatest moments...