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Monday, 10 October 2016

Aswad, Mayfest and Glasgow Urchins

Back from my travels with the usual mixed bag of nonsense to torment you with in the forthcoming days.
If you every get the chance to visit Tomintoul you should do so.
It is a lovely village in the Cairngorm National Park, at least 15 miles away from anywhere else and reached via quite magnificent scenery.The first place in the UK to get cut off by snow every year and when you see the roads  up the mountains you can see why.
I also returned with a 10 year old malt from the local distillery.
No charity shops though but don't worry we found plenty elsewhere.
First off the pleasant seaside town of Nairn where the Greatest Hits of British reggae lite band Aswad was purchased.
Not totally convinced that it is a keeper.
My pal Raymie Boff and I saw them once at Govan Town Hall as part of the much missed Mayfest festival.
They opened the doors towards the end and a squad of Glasgow urchins piled in and strutted their stuff down the front!
The highlight of the evening.

Aswad - Don't Turn Around

Aswad - Give a Little Love


  1. Tomintoul sounds like heaven. Maybe I'll look into retiring there. That is if I'm allowed to retire and not forced to work my arse off until I croak!

    Also like your description of Aswad as "reggae lite". Kind of on a par with UB40 and Eddie Grant, wouldn't you say? And maybe late 80s/early 90s Black Uhuru.

  2. Who needs charity shops when there's a local distillery? Aswad were anything but reggae lite in their earlier days, indeed for a while they were the best UK roots reggae band out there - check out any of the seven albums released between 1976 and 1983, before it all went horribly wrong.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip - Think I know which distillery you probably visited. Fine product.

    You mentioned the Mayfest concert when I wrote about Aswad, or rather wrote about Brinsley Forde in his capacity as an ex-Double Decker!

    1. I knew I had written about it somewhere before!