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Wednesday 13 April 2016


My recent post on Whiteout highlighted that they were significantly influenced by Teenage Fanclub
A search of previous posts sees me attributing the same accolade to fellow Scottish bands Attic Lights and Vera Cruise
The same search also reveals that shockingly only two songs from the Fannies have previously featured one from a compilation from songs featured in Nick Hornsby's book 31 Songs and the other in a feature on Alan McGhee's Creation Stories books,

So none of their albums have featured in their own right.
I'm featuring Thirteen named after the song by Big Star who where a huge influence on TFC.
Their fourth it received scathing reviews on its release in 1993. It is not as good as its predecessor Bandwagonesque nor its successors Grand Prix and Songs from Northern Britain.

However it is not a bad album at all, it just suffers when compared to the greatness of  the three mentioned above.
I have a bit of a soft spot for it as it was the first of their albums I bought. Plus any album with a Mitre football on the cover is ok in my book

Teenage Fanclub -Norman 3

Teenage Fanclub - Fear of Flying


  1. You totally nailed it with your penultimate sentence. The band had a consistently high quality threshold. For me, as I think I may have mentioned before, 'Songs from Northern Britain' is their absolute masterpiece.

  2. Like yourself I think this album is a bit under-rated. I prefer it to Bandwagonesque. 4 out of 4 this week so far. Exciting news here - the peanuts will be planted out this weekend! What about a peanut-related song for saturday???

    1. Gosh that's a tricky one.I'll see if I can come up with something o

  3. This is not a Fannies album I have

  4. Agree with The Swede.

    I have a few songs about peanuts. More than I'd expect.

  5. George is correct... quite a week.

  6. How about Peanut Duck by Marsha Gee?