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Tuesday 26 April 2016

Sophisti - Pop

We are off to Dundee today to catch up with Danny Wilson - no not the dodgy Rangers centre half but the sophisti- pop (no, me neither) trio of Ged Grimes and brothers Gary and Kit Clark.

According to the usual font of all knowledge the loosely affiliated sophisti-pop movement was big in the late 80's and included such acts as Deacon Blue and Swing out Sister. So there you go.
Danny Wilson had a big hit with Mary's Prayer and then a couple of years later a reasonable hit with The Second Summer of Love
Gary Clark went on to make a name for himself as a songwriter and producer, Kit Clark went on to play with the Swiss Family Orbison and Ged Grimes got a gig as bassist for Simple Minds.

There have of course been the obligatory reunions

Danny Wilson - Mary's Prayer

Danny Wilson - A Girl I Used to Know


  1. Gary Clark knows his way around a pop song. I saw his next band, the atrociously monikered King L, several times and their 1995 'Great Day For Gravity' album is well worth looking out for on your travels.

  2. You HAVE to check out Gary Clark's spine-tingling live cover of The Blue Nile's love song "Saturday Night". Check out Gary's line to the audience at the 2 minute 7 second mark, followed by the encouraging cries of "Gaun yersel!"(only in Scotland!) Why this bloke isn't a superstar is beyond me.

  3. Gary Clark is a master at writing pop songs. Why he isn't filling the charts with songs for other artists is a mystery to me. Have to agree with Swede - Great Day For Gravity is pretty amazing. That Saturday Night cover is really special.

  4. Mary's Prayer was pretty big over here but that was about it. More like a cult following. Curious, how is the band perceived in your neck of the woods?

    1. I would say probably seen as just another pop band as opposed to a band with a cult following