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Thursday 7 April 2016


On Friday I played a video clip of  Dawn Landes' version of I Won't Back Down the hidden track from Fireproof a 2008 album by her on the Fargo label.
I think it is only fair to share a couple of tracks from the actual album with you .The hidden track is probably the most accessible of the songs on what is a wee bit of a strange record and one I'm never  quite sure what to make of.
It is the middle one of her five albums to date.
She has worked with Sufjan Stevens, was briefly married to fellow musician Josh Ritter and plays the glockenspiel with the band Hem. She is also a member of all -girl trio The Bandana Splits.
Busy lady.

Dawn Landes - Bodyguard

Dawn Landes - I Don't Need No Man


  1. Oh, I LOVE this!! Smokey! Well crafted songwriting and the banjo is haunting. I'm gonna have to check more out. Thank you sir!!!

  2. Glad you liked it kevinpat.Stay tuned for more banjos!

  3. I'm with Kevinpat on this, very good. More banjos, and kazoos, please. I would offer you some oranges from our free supply, but you're too far away.