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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Rock 'n' Roll's a Losers Game

Glam rockers Mott the Hoople have featured before back in the early days of CCM and it is about time they featured again
Although they were on the go from 1969 to 1980 with the obligatory reunions they peaked during the early 70's with the classic line up around 1974 pictured above  of Dale "Buffin" Griffin , Ariel Bender,  Morgan Fisher, Overend Watts and Ian Hunter.
Sadly drummer Buffin finally lost his child like dreams dying in January this year at the age of 67

Mick Ronson got briefly involved and when he and Hunter left in 1975 they renamed  themselves Mott but were never the same again.
They did leave us with some cracking songs though

Looking at the title of the second song I really should have played this 12 days ago

Mott the Hoople -All The Way From Memphis

Mott the Hoople - Ballad of Mott (March 26 1972, Zurich))


  1. Love All the Way to Memphis and it sounds great in the film, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, which I watched again recently. Scorcese really does know how to make the most of a soundtrack.


  2. And if you haven't already read it may I recommend Ian Hunter's book 'Diary of a Rock'n'Roll Star'? Might be a charity shop find!

  3. Very early Mott were a big influence on Mick Jones, though I was slightly too young for that and got into them during their glam-pomp from 1972 onwards. 'All the Young Dudes' was played before T.Rex took the stage at my first ever gig in December of that year. The entire audience joined in with the '...I need TV when I've got T.Rex...' line.

  4. The Mott The Hoople - Clash lineage goes quite far as Guy Stevens helped form Mott and produced much of their early work until Tony DeFries and David Bowie got a hold of them and he was involved in their earliest demos and then the producer for London Calling. In both cases with The Clash it was Jones who to got Stevens to the boards.