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Thursday 21 April 2016

The Boy Gedge

I do not profess to being an authority on The Wedding Present. I don't even own George Best for heaven's sake.
They are yet another band that I am discovering later in life thanks to my esteemed colleagues within the blogging fraternity.
Until recently the only physical example of their work I had was the 1998 12 inch version of Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now?
The acoustic version of Give my Love to Kevin is not nearly as good as the version on George Best but I am including it as my roomie at work is called Kevin. He has the misfortune to look a wee bit like David Cameron and therefore is fairly regularly verbally abused by total strangers.

The Wedding Present - Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now?

The Wedding Present - Give My Love to Kevin (Acoustic Version)


  1. A most unfortunate affliction. Poor Kevin. I remember seeing once, in an old Weddoes fanzine I believe, that WAYBSRN? was once voted the worst Wedding Present song by fans. Sure, it's far from their best, but worst? Rather unfair. Mind, this was some years before 'Watusi' was released so there's 12 worse songs right there!

  2. I didn't have anything by TWP until a few years ago, but I have caught up in a big way... albeit mostly on CD. This is one of about five singles I have found on vinyl. As the Robster said, far from their worst. I had no idea Watusi was looked upon unfavorably by anyone, however. Our old blogging pal FORW would consider that album one of Gedge's best... and I like it too.