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Friday, 8 April 2016

21st Century Rockabilly

I was babysitting for my nephew last weekend and raided my brother's CDs
That can only mean one thing - the return of Friday Night Rockabilly or Friday Night 21st Century Rockabilly Volume 2 to be precise.
A CD containing 21 tracks all by artists I have never heard of which came free with Vintage Rock magazine in July/August 2015.All the artists appear to have come from the Western Star Records stable between 2003 and 2015
As in any such compilation some good stuff and some fillers.
The pick of the bunch for me are Jack Rabbit Slim and The Hicksville Bombers so that is who you are getting

Jack Rabbit Slim - Devil Doll

The Hicksville Bombers - Real Rockin' Party


  1. Where's George telling you your brother's collection was always better than yours? Your bro dug pretty deep into Stray Cats territory. I remember that being his thing.

    1. I've been waiting for a comment from him along these lines Brian. He must be counting his oranges

  2. Oh, and enjoyed these too.