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Tuesday 12 April 2016

Mekons Encroach

When I posted a cover of Folsom Prison Blues by Leads Yorkshire's Original Death Punks the Mekons a month or so back I commented that I was shocked that they had not featured before.
Only fitting then that I feature them again.
A couple of tracks from Fear and Whiskey their fourth studio album from 1985 which has been described in some quarters as the first alternative country album
It was shortly after this time that both Jon Langford and Sally Timms left Leeds for Chicago finding a new spiritual home with Bloodshot Records
These two songs were recorded at Lion Studios in Leeds on the same day with Tom Greenlaugh on vocals, Ken Lite on bass, Jon Langford on guitar and Susie Honeyman on the fiddle

Mekons - Chivalry

Mekons - Darkness and Doubt


  1. The good old Mekons. You might be right CC that it is the first alternative country album. I suppose it was released before Blood on the Saddle appeared.

  2. This week is showing considerable promise, CC. Soul Sunday, Bluegrass Monday, Mekons tuesday,all good stuff!