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Sunday 3 April 2016

Some Sunday Northern Soul

I thought that I had previously posted Northern Soul favourite Major Lance but I was wrong there.
He first came to my attention as a featured artist on the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on 6 Music one Saturday evening when there was nothing on the telly.
This led me to acquiring a Best of featuring his stuff on the Okeh label pretty pronto.

Out of Chicago he has the voice and I suspect the moves. The songs come from the golden pen of Curtis Mayfield, the production is by Carl Davis  with the arrangements by Johnny Pate.
Terrific stuff

Major Lance - Delilah

Major Lance -Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um

As a bonus how many of you remember the Gospel Sunday slot on Jim McLean's Rabbit?
George forwarded me this outstanding clip which I felt compelled to share with you


  1. That George-bloke has got great taste in music! Well done him.

  2. by the way, is that Bryan's mum accompanying him on the vocals, do you think?

  3. Top stuff. Craig played some Major Lance only yesterday. Bryan does a fine job on the gospel tune, too.

  4. I like Major Lance quite a bit too. You Don't Want Me No More is a particular favorite. That video you included was fabulous. Nice fund, George.

  5. He wasn't named Major for nothin'! "The Monkey Time" is glorious. Leon Bridges these days channels the Major with own current sweet soul. 1 part Major. 1 part Marvin. 2 parts Sam Cooke. A soulful brew that can't be denied. :))

  6. Loving that Um Um Um Um Um Um.


  7. Um Um Um Um Um Um was one of the northern tracks that was on the tape that also had Easter Parade on it that I was given by a girl from Ashington a long long time ago.