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Friday 15 April 2016

21st Century Easy Listening

Last July I posted a couple of Richard Hawley songs I had from compilations and owned up to not knowing much about him and not really seeing what all the fuss was about. A barrage of commenters took me to task and urged me to give him a good listening to.
They were right and I was wrong.
I've gotten hold of a copy of Coles Corner and what a terrific record it is.
I can hear touches of Orbison and Sinatra in there - easy listening for the 21st Century indeed.

Praise the Lord, I've seen the light!

Richard Hawley - Darlin' Wait For Me

Richard Hawley -Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet


  1. Great words CC. I really love the voice and the songs of Richard Hawley.

  2. Good news. Hawley is class.

  3. What's that thing about if you can't say owt positive say nowt? To be honest I struggle with him yet my wife loves his basso profundo, vibrato voice. Me, I just can't pin down my antipathy. He lives in the same school catchment as do my kids and I see him from time to time and yet there are not enough vibes to make me sign up to his cause.