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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Some Sunday Atlantic Soul

A few years ago I purchased Atlantic R&B Volume 1 1947-1952.
The plan was to gradually acquire all 8 volumes preferably in chronological order but for various reasons this never materialised.
A loan of Volume 3 1955 -1957 merely confirms that I should really get this project back on track.
Back when R&B was R&B rather than what is marketed under that title these days.
These years in particular see the metamorphosizing of blues and jazz into what would begin to be recognized as what we now call Soul
There are still some out and out blues on here such as Joe Turner, some jazz numbers by Ray Charles and some doo- wop style stuff such as The Cardinals and the Coasters
Then you get the acts that are beginning to push the boundaries - some of the Ray Charles numbers, LaVern Baker, Chuck Willis and Clyde McPhatter
Here are two of those

More soul next Sunday

Ray Charles - A Fool For You

Chuck Willis - It's Too Late


  1. Mr. S. said it all! The Atlantic Box is fabulous - great selections today, CC.

  2. Terrific Chuck WIllis !track

  3. This is my all-time favorite box set. I bought it the second weekend after getting my first CD player. My best friend's father had it, and I got hooked. I particularly like the first couple of volumes because there were so many songs that were new to me. While you're searching for the rest of the volumes, if you need to hear something from it, just let me know. I would be happy to oblige.

    1. Cheers Brian - looking at the track listings I've got a fair chunk of the 60s output elsewhere