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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

How Low Can You Go

I popped into a local charity shop the other day to hand in some books and came away with Trust an album by Duluth, Minnesota band Low from 2002.
And what a truly mesmerizing and atmospheric album it is too. I have a couple of their other albums together with the Christmas EP but I think this  one may well be the best of the lot.
From the era when husband and wife Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker were accompanied by bassist Zak Sally.
I hope that this picture is from that area - if not as Mr Loaf was fond of saying two out of three ain't bad

I've heard them described as slowcore or lo-fi. Bloody fantastic would be my description

Low - (That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace

Low -Canada


  1. A fantastic band. Practically every album they've released has featured in my pick of that particular year. In 2013 Low did the double, playing the best gig of the year and, in 'The Invisible Way', releasing my favourite LP.

  2. Great band. Enjoyed all their albums up until the last couple and the only reason I can't claim to have enjoyed those is because I've lost track of Low for a while. Time to get back on board, I think.

  3. Another good post. I always like the thought of liking Low and I do, no really I do! They're a great band I often say but...and this is a BIG but I find many of their songs to be....well....pretty ordinary/run of the mill fare. Sacrilegious to say it might be but let's face it unless you're the Beatles etc etc you're not going to be writing a killer song for every track. That said, the killer track for me on Trust is In The Drugs. You MUST give that a listen. Cheers

  4. Feeling guilty now about last post because for me, Low have at least half a dozen top notch songs quite apart from the ambient loveliness of their albums as a whole. If you don't know 'em already check out Something's Turning Over, Try To Sleep, Sunflower, Dinosaur Act and their great version of Pink Floyd's Fearless and hey....The Beatles Nowhere Man for which go to @apothecary1874 on Twitter