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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Sundays on a Wednesday

The Sundays are yet another band that I  was blissfully unaware of until I made the virtual acquaintance of some of the fine people featured on the right hand sidebar. In this instance I think ScottBrian and The Robster were the main protagonists.
I'm told that their 1990 debut Reading, Writing and Arithmetic is the one to have and it is on the ever lengthening list.
However, today we are featuring their third and at the moment final album Static & Silence from 1997 as this is the one I stumbled across in a Stranraer charity shop.

The Sundays - Cry

The Sundays - Another Flavour


  1. Fine stuff indeed. Summertime is the choice track from this album for me, but anything by the Sundays is always more than cherished.

    1. I've got Summertime as a single and have previously posted it Robster or else it would have gone on

  2. The second and third Sundays albums are both excellent. 'Reading, Writing and Arithmetic'is ageless, timeless and peerless.

  3. A good album, CC. Its crime seemed to be that it wasn't Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Always tough when you make your masterpiece right out of the gate.