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Saturday 5 March 2016

Celtic Connections 2013

2013 this week - we are fairly rattling through the years.
Celtic Connections is well known for it's Transatlantic Sessions featuring musicians from both side of the Pond.
So that's what we will do today.
Let's start with 50's throwback JD McPherson (a Scottish name if ever I heard one) from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with the magnificent North Side Gal from his Rounder Records debut album Signs and Signifiers.

Good old fashioned rock'n'roll is followed up with some Bluegrass gospel courtesy of Vancouver band The Be Good Tanyas
I saw some of Frazey Ford's solo stuff this year and I must admit that I was a tad disappointed. The BGTs however never fail to impress.

We return to Caledonia for the traditional offering. Maeve MacKinnon is a Glasgow lass but sings primarily in Gaelic

2014 next Saturday

JD McPherson - North Side Gal

The Be Good Tanyas - In My Time of Dying

Maeve MacKinnon - Fionnghuala

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  1. "The BGTs however never fail to impress" You're absolutely correct.