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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Good, The Bad & The Queen

It's indie rock supergroup today as The Good , The Bad & The Queen  feature.

An album was released in 2007 and there is a debate as to who it is attributed to. Depending on what you read it a solo album by Damon Albarn produced by Danger Mouse, or a studio album released by Damon Albarn, Tony Allen, Paul Simonon and Simon Tong.
Daman Albarn is adamant that the band itself is unnamed and that The Good, The Bad & The Queen is the name of the album only
Pretentious twaddle if you ask me.
A supergroup indeed with Mr Albarn ex Blur, Mr Tong ex Verve, Mr Allen an Afrobeat drummer described by Brian Eno as perhaps the greatest drummer who has ever lived and Mr Simonon the world's coolest bass player formerly of The Only Band That Matters ( © Swiss Adam)

The Good, The Band & The Queen - Kingdom of Doom

The Good, The Band & the Queen - Behind The Sun


  1. Now, this "formerly of The Only Band That Matters ( © Swiss Adam)" made my day: sheer class!!