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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Celtic Connections 2016

We've made it! 2016
So that is two or three songs from all the Sunday Herald Celtic Connections CDs from 2007 -2016.
There haven't been huge numbers tuning in to this series but for those  that have I hope you found something to enjoy

Two artists today who have gone on to form successful solo careers after leaving bands
Rhiannon Giddens was lead singer, violin and banjo player in Carolina Chocolate Drops prior to going solo.
This track is from her 2015 album Tomorrow is my Turn.
Jason Isbell is no stranger to this blog both as a solo artist and as a Drive-By Trucker. He just seems to get better and better as this song from his album Something More Than Free demonstrates.

Finally the traditional song this week from Boreas  (blurb) an enchanting musical union between Scotland and Norway.Hardly surprising then that this song is about fishing in the North Sea

Something different next Saturday once I think of something

Rhiannon Giddens - Shake Sugaree

Jason Isbell - 24 Frames

Boreas - North Sea Holes


  1. I probably say it (or at least think it) everytime you post something by Jason Isbell, but I really must investigate him further. I wasn't a Drive-By Truckers fan, which I think is what's holding me back, yet I've enjoyed everything I've heard from his solo career, including today's offering.

    1. I really liked the DBTs for a while both live and on record but they became a bit same year
      Vocals and songwriting we're shared between Jason , Mike Dooley and Patterson Hood (son of David Hood the bassist from the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section.
      They were diminished when Jason left which was around the time I began to move on

    2. Should read samey ( a word predictive text and spellcheck are not familiar with, probably because it is not really a word)

    3. '...a bit same year...' is a good phrase though.

  2. Like this Jason Isbell song. "gosto muito" as they say round here. I think.

  3. That Jason Isbell album is fantastic. If I'd bought it last year, when it actually came out, it would have been near the top of my year end countdown. Can't stop listening to it.