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Sunday 13 March 2016

Some Sunday Sade Soul

Without consciously trying I appear to have acquired Sade's entire catalogue due to my charity shop forays.
The final  piece in the jigsaw was 1998' s Love Is Stronger Than Pride
It is the notoriously difficult third album and to me it is probably the weakest of the bunch.

It starts off promisingly but thereafter fades pretty badly sounding suspiciously like Muzak on occasions.
There had been a three year gap from 1985's Promise and it sold in the region of 300,000 half as many as it's predecessor. By the time the follow up the much better Love Deluxe was released  in 1992 she had certainly lost the attention of the mainstream.
Still the album was recorded in France and the Bahamas so I am sure that the band enjoyed themselves.

More Soul of the non Sade variety next Sunday.

Sade - Love Is Stronger Than Pride

Sade - Paradise


  1. I've got 4 really good re-fits of Sade tunes including Love Is Stronger that I really must digitise.

  2. I really love Stronger Than Pride. It does certainly have some breezier, lighter moments which reflect where it was recorded I'm sure. But, for me, just to have Paradise and Nothing Can Come Between Us, makes it essential.
    I also agree that Love Deluxe is the high point of Sade's recording career. Pearls is a song that is so filled with raw emotion it affects me every time I hear it.

  3. CC, that first song was one of the worst things you have ever posted. That the second is better does not mean I liked it. My partner has just asked "is she still going", meaning Sade, "has she run out of dreary songs?".