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Thursday 3 March 2016

Just Another Diamond Day

In the days before unwashed dreadlocks, dogs on string and folk called Swampy Vashti Bunyan was your original New Age traveller.
She and her boyfriend travelled from London to the Outer Hebrides in a horse drawn caravan to join a commune.
She subsequently met producer Joe Boyd and recorded her travelling songs with members of Fairport Convention and The Incredible String Band as Just Another Diamond Day which was released in 1970.
It sold miserably and she gave up the music business and carried on with her hippy lifestyle.
She subsequently attracted a cult following with the album fetching up to $2000 at auction

She returned to the music industry in 2002 and has released a further two albums as well as participating in a number of collaborations.
It is a bit of an acquired taste and abit of a struggle to sit through all 18 songs on the CD in one sitting, Fortunately the majority of them are very short.
Probably better listened to round a campfire in the woods after consuming illicit substances.

Vashti Bunyan - Diamond Day

Vashti Bunyan - Timothy Grub

I'm expecting mixed reviews!


  1. Yes I think you will get mixed reviews! To quote Half Man Half Biscuit: I want a sun tan, not Vashti Bunyan :-)

    1. HMHB - brilliant as always
      Can we get an artists impression of the sleeve art from you please C

  2. Darn. C posted what I was going to say.
    Swiss Adam

  3. A sun tan or Vashti? I'll go for the latter.

    Saw her live a couple of times and really enjoyed her shows although it would have to be admitted that she is a far from natural performer. I also have her Lookaftering LP cover framed on my living room wall so I won't hear a bad word against her!

    Actually I suspect I will likely hear a bad word or two about her very shortly.


  4. To put it kindly, this is not for me. It somehow reminds me of music I'd expect on early 1970s BBC tv children's programmes, or something made in Czechoslovakia in the 1960s. I'd rather I hear flute playing on Jethro Tull records (several of which grace the Music Room).

    1. I can see where you are coming from - apart from the Jethro Tull bit

  5. I like Pink Sugar Elephants.

  6. Really liked a tune of her's I heard on a Rob Da Bank compilation, so I'm chuffed to hear some more.