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Thursday, 31 March 2016

From Airdrie to Greenock

From Airdrie to Greenock - could it have the same impact as kevinpat's already semi-legendary Hoboken to Athens trilogy here ?
It maybe could if the music was off the same quality to that from the Park Lane Archives posted by the already legendary Vinyl Villain to mark his 1000th post.

One of the bands featured are Whiteout from  the Scottish town of Greenock.
This had me digging out their 1995 album Bite It on the Silvertone label. As I commented at  JC's place I really thought that they could go places.Sadly it didn't happen.
Clearly influenced by The Teenage Fanclub they play some great jingly jangly pop music.
I was interested to read that they released a second album (1998's Big Wow) One to look out for I feel.

Whiteout - Thirty Eight

Whiteout - Altogether


  1. Whiteout hadn't crossed my mind in nearly 20 years until JC's recent post. Nice to hear a couple more tunes here too. I'm pretty sure that I saw them live once, possibly at the old Town & Country club, but when it was and who they might have been supporting is lost in the mists of time.

  2. Thirty Eight is a GREAT song!And Altogether is not bad too. Is the rest of the album as good? Another sound-a-like band like the Blue Ox Babes/Dexys at LTL yesterday. But better (sorry Brian!!)

  3. Probably the best two on the album apart from the single Jackie's Racing which JC posted and which I have previously posted along with another good single Starr Club which is not on the album

  4. These 2 songs are alright but I found them a bit generic. Soz.

  5. Quite alright, George. I'm enjoying it too.

  6. If Whiteout hadn't come from round these parts they might have gotten noticed a bit more...their problem, as with so many others of the era, was so many similar bands emerging at the one time none of whom came close to matching TFC