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Friday, 11 March 2016

The Blues Collection - Little Richard

The final Stranraer contribution to The Blues Collection is Little Richard with Long Tall Sally.
Like Chuck Berry who I have previously featured in this series you could argue that he is more rock'n'roll.
Also in the last track featured here there is more than a wee bit  of Southern Soul.

No matter - any excuse to  play Little Richard is to be warmly embraced

I won't bore you with a potted biography as he surely needs no introduction.
What would I give to have seen him perform live in his prime

Little Richard - Lucille

Little Richard - She's Got It

Little Richard - Send Me Some Loving


  1. Not the the Specialty originals, but these re-recordings still pack a mighty wallop.

  2. I have never heard these versions before. What years are we talking about here? I'm with you, CC. Little Richard in concert would be a great time machine moment. Must have been quite shocking to see in 1957 when the Specialty version of Lucille was racing up the charts.

  3. No dates attached Brian but apparently are the original Vee Jay recordings licensed from CHarly. The CHarly stuff is rarely the best in terms of recording quality
    I do have a Best Of of the Specialty stuff from around 55 to 57 which would definitely have been the time to see him. Now where did I put that time machine?