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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Some Sunday Soul

Otis Clay died on 8th January 2016 at the age of 73.
His death was somewhat overshadowed by the death of David Bowie two days later.
However in our small corner Drew, Darcy and Marie all took the time to post tributes to mark his passing.

At the time I commented somewhere that my recently acquired Back to the River compilation not only featured Otis Clay but also Otis Redding and Clay Hammond.
So here are Otis Clay, Otis and Clay

Otis Clay - That's How It Is (When You're in Love)

Otis Redding - Free Me (Take 1)

Clay Hammond - Take Your Time


  1. You've knocked it out of the park today, CC! Otis Clay's 'That's How It Is' has been a long-time favourite.

  2. The Otis Reding track will be the best song I hear all day. Unless I unsheath Fred Lowery "Whistles Your Gospel Favourites"......

  3. Three absolute belters today CC. As George said, it could be the best track I hear today. I've got a couple of new things that I haven't listened to yet lined up for today but I doubt they will be a patch on Free Me

  4. 17.47. Still not heard a better song............

  5. That 'Back To The River' set is on very regular spinage here. Great tunes, of course.