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Thursday 17 March 2016

More Power to Yer Elbow

Last of the latest batch of holiday Charity Shop purchases.

Elbow are one of the many, many well known and popular bands who have completely passed me by over the years.
I saw The Seldom Seen Kid and thought I would pick it up to see what all the fuss was about.
Despite it selling over a million copies and winning the Mercury Music Prize in 2008 to be quite honest I'm still wondering.
Pleasant enough but a wee bit bland for my tastes ( yes George I can hear you shouting "that's rich from the man who posted Sade!")
Can't see me buying any more of their stuff any time soon.
However they seem like a nice bunch of  blokes and whenever I hear Guy Garvey on 6 Music he comes across as a genuine music fan

Elbow - Starlings

Elbow - Grounds for Divorce


  1. I always enjoy Elbow tunes when they are played on the radio, but have never even considered buying one of their records. Guy Garvey seems to be a genuine geezer with no airs and graces and is, above all else, clearly a massive music fan. Fair play to him.

  2. You know how we were talking about bands you just don't 'get'...well, there's one for my list. I am also irrationally irritated by Guy Garvey. The music he plays is nearly always at the very least interesting and often very good (I think we may have similar tastes) but if he tells us ONE MORE TIME about how is mates with this artist or that one, I'll not be responsible for my actions. He just can't help himself. Definitely the biggest name dropper on the planet.

    1. BTW, apologies for bringing a note of negativity to proceedings but you did say, Guy 'Bally' Garvey.

    2. I thought you might have a word or two to say about Mr Garvey Singing Bear :-)

    3. We all have our nemesis' SB !

  3. I have this album, bought (cheaply) out of curiosity. Like yourself. It's the Seldom Played Album. Actually, the Never Played Album.

  4. OK, so I have to admit I am rather fond of Elbow. Their last couple of albums have not been quite up to par, but I love everything from Cast Of Thousands (2nd album) through to, and including, Seldom Seen Kid (4th album). There are some dead good tunes on the other three records too mind.

    I have a lot of time for Guy too - you're right, he is a properly nice, down-to-earth bloke according to a mate of mine who actually met him in Cardiff once and had a pint with him! I do understand the namedropping thing though - he does tend to be mates with everyone...

    His solo album has some interesting non-Elbowy things on it too.

  5. Quite like Elbow myself and I can think of worse people to go for a pint with than Guy Garvey.

  6.'ve perfectly captured my feelings on Elbow. It's never once crossed my mind to buy anything of theirs.

  7. Yep, I'm rather with you on Elbow. My missus is a fan though and she always says "But how can anyone not like One Day Like This?" Must say she has 'a bit of' a point save for a nagging Coldplayesque passage three-quarters the way through. Hang on, no on second thoughts I don't rate 'em!

  8. I love Elbow. (Well, somebody had to say it.)