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Friday 18 March 2016

I Wanna Play Football For The Coach

Whenever I think of Coney Island, which I must admit is not all that often, it puts me in mind of one of two things.
Firstly the 1979 film The Warriors when the gang of the same name are trying to get back to their home turf of Coney Island when every other gang in New York is out to get them.
When I am in a more mellow frame of mind my thoughts turn to the song Coney Island Baby by Lou Reed and the fact that Lou just wanna plays football for the coach but not football as we Brits know it I suspect.

But remember that the city is a funny place, something like a circus or a sewer. Back to The Warriors again!

Lou Reed -Coney Island Baby

lou Reed - How Do You Think It Feels


  1. A really good record, one of Lou's better ones from this period.

  2. Fantastic songs, CC, but your movie reference sends shivers down my spine. Used to scare the hell out of me as a youngster. Warriors, come out and play-ay!