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Sunday 31 January 2016

Some Sunday Southern Soul

Disc 3 from Back to the River is entitled Going Back Home and features Southern artists but with songs recorded above the Mason-Dixon Line.
Artists whose musical heritage had followed them wherever they were based at the time of their sessions.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Macon born Georgia Peach Little Richard's version of the Don Covay song I  Don't Know What You've Got But It's Got Me recorded in Los Angeles in 1965 would have featured today had I not posted it relatively recently. Absolutely majestic.

Only slightly less majestic is Freddie Scott's version of Cry to Me written and produced by Bert Berns and recorded in New York in 1967 and released on the Shout label.
Freddie is followed by Lee Moses doing his best Otis Redding impression on If Loving You is a Crime (I Will Always Be Guilty).
Written by Swamp Dogg using his wife Yvonne Williams name  this was recorded in New York on the
Dynamo label in 1968.

That's all from Back to the River for now but I suspect it will re-emerge at some stage. Sooner rather than later I suspect.
More Soul next Sunday hopefully.

Freddie Scott - Cry To Me

Lee Moses - If loving You is a Crime (I'll Always be Guilty)


  1. Based on what you've shared thus far, the quality of this set is staggeringly high.

  2. My dear friend of many years, do you want to buy me this for my forthcoming birthday?

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