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Friday, 22 January 2016

Stranraer Americana - Hazeldine

The penultimate Stranraer Americana album is How Bees Fly  the 1997 debut album by Alberquerque band Hazeldine again on the Glitterhouse label.Easily one of the best of the bunch.
Another one I thought I had but hadn't and one which now joins Digging You Up and Double Back on the shelves.
So sorry Swede no Wagon, Granfaloon Bus or Locust Fudge three bands who I am not familiar with and who require further exploration.

Hazeldine were Shawn Barton (vocals, guitar),Tonya Lamn (guitar,vocals), Jeffrey Richards (guitar,banjo,drums) and Anne Tkach(bass).
Sadly I have just read that Anne Tkach died in a house fire in April 2015 at the age of 48. Very sad. I saw her playing with Nadine in Helensburgh.

Not to be confused with Hi-NRG pop star Hazell Dean.

One more to go


  1. Hazeldine, another fine band that I saw down at The Borderline, off Charing Cross Road. They still sound great too. I'm trying to guess who the final Stranraer Americana act might be.

  2. Right. Hazeldine. I'm fired up for this. They're one of MY bands. A band few others have heard of and therefore quite reasonably (in my warped mind) a band that belong entirely to me! Can't remember how I came to first hear them, must have been Peel but Kershaw is always a safe second bet. It's their song Apothecary (the utterly utterly splendiferous Apothecary) that I love and in truth the rest of their stuff fails to match its ardent yearning. I listen to that track over and over again. Getting back to your post though, I too have their 2 later albums but am missing their debut. Sadly I haven't seen them live so defer to others on that point. Apothecary though, you really must give that a long listen. Many thanks for giving me a nostalgic thrill.