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Saturday 2 January 2016

Let's Play Darts

The poor man's World Professional Darts Championship starts today at the Lakeside Leisure Complex in Frimley Green and will feature on the BBC.
As is the way of the world all the really top players have graduated to the Professional Darts Corporation World Darts Championship which is currently reaching it's conclusion on Sky
A bit like the boxing really leading to more than one world champ.

All of which is a spurious excuse to feature some recently acquired vinyl.
To quote the great MC Martin Fitzmaurice Let's Play Darts

Darts - Daddy Cool/ The Girl Can't Help It

Darts - Come Back My Love


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. (Just deleted my first comment, I got the year wrong..!)
    Ooh but this is a real step back in time... they seemed to be an almost permanent fixture on ToTP for a while, didn't they? I even saw them live once, not through active choice, but because they were one of the bands booked to play the free gigs that were held throughout the Summer in a local town park. So I saw them in Jul '78, when I was into punk and not into Darts, but these outdoor gigs were too much fun to miss and provided a great opportunity for some blatant posing... I can't remember much about Darts except that Dan Hegarty seemed a bit creepy!

  3. As C rightly says, Darts really were a constant on TOTP for a while weren't they? Unlikely fact alert - Den Hegarty became a chum of The Clash and appears on 'Sandinista'.

  4. Somebody left you a very compliment about the high quality of songs you chose. It would be nice to be able to say that you are maintaining those standards. "come back my love" woke up the older cat, but rest assured she is fast asleep again.

    1. Told you that I peaked for the year yesterday!