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Thursday 7 January 2016

Stranraer Americana - Kevin Welch

The fifth installment is another artist that I was not familiar with Kevin Welch with his 1995 album Life Down Here On Earth on the Dead Reckoning label which he formed with some fellow musicians.
It is a bit more mainstream than the others I have featured and on the first listen has not left a lasting impression. At the moment I'm not sure if it is a keeper.

The first song suggests that Bob Dylan is a big influence and I'm sure I have someone else singing the second one somewhere.The rest are pretty forgettable.

Three to go

Kevin Welch - Pushing Up Daisies

Kevin Welch - Troublesome Times


  1. His voice is very reminiscent of T-Bone Burnett. I like 'Pushing Up Daisies' a lot.

  2. These two songs aren't as bad as you make out. Although not particularly original they're worth a second/3rd possiby 4th listen! If you are thinking of recycing it, you could always send it to a country in south-west europe!