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Monday 11 January 2016


I've never really been a Suedehead.
Until recently the only Suede album I had was Coming Up.
However I picked up their second album Dog Man Star from 1994 recently in my local charity shop.
Their least commercially successful but arguably their most critically acclaimed record
Like the fashions I am not convinced that the music has stood the test of time.
The last Suede album to feature Bernard Butler.
I was never totally convinced as to the vocals of Brett Anderson. To me he wore his two main influences Bowie and Morrissey too heavily on his sleeve.

Suede - We Are The Pigs

Suede - This Hollywood Life


  1. Yet another example of the influence of David Bowie.Still trying to get my head round the incredibly sad news

  2. I have been strangely moved by the news. Wasn't the greatest fan and to be honest only really listen to a few things these days but it is a huge loss to music.

  3. Brett is just *too much* like Bowie at times. Having said that, they were/are a great live band and have made a few fine tunes themselves.

  4. I'm a big Suede fan, but funnily enough only came to them later (when they first arrived I didn't want what they had to offer, so their back catalogue is relatively new to the collection). Oh and I fancy Brett Anderson too... he gets even better with age!

    The Bowie connection/influence is apposite... such incredibly sad news today and I still can't quite believe it.