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Tuesday 19 January 2016

New Light Through Old Windows

Maybe it is because it is January and it is cold and miserable but I am struggling a wee bit at the moment for inspiration and a sufficient variety of material.
Time then to reach into the darkest corners of the shelves which very rarely see the light of day.
Chris Rea hit the big time in the late 80's /early 90's with albums such as The Road to Hell and Auberge.

New Light Through Old Windows is a Best of his early material up to but not including Road to Hell
There is some pretty dodgy MOR stuff on it along with some pretty good stuff including these two which celebrate his home town of Middlesbrough.

After a break to recover from surgery for pancreatic cancer which effectively  put an end to his run of commercial success he chose to  return to his Blues roots setting up his own Jazee Blue label.

Chris Rea - Stainsby Girls

Chris Rea - Steel RiverBibb


  1. Listening to Steel River. Has Chris Rea ever been described as the British Sprinsgteen?

  2. Jo recognised the singer as Chris Rea.