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Friday 8 January 2016

Somewhere Down The Crazy River

Somewhere Down the Crazy River is this year's first earworm.
It has been floating around my head for the last few days so it seemed only fair to dig out Robbie Robertson's debut solo album from whence it came and share it with you.
From 1987 the album was produced by Daniel Lanois and won Juno awards for both men in their native Canada
Somewhere Down the Crazy  River was his only UK solo hit peaking at number 15 and features Lanois on ommichord and  Peter Gabriel on keyboards.
The other song I have chosen Broken Arrow has been covered by The Grateful Dead and by someone else I'm pretty sure but I don't know who

Warning - the album features U2. The Irish tax dodgers appear on two tracks. Rest assured they are not on the two featured below.

Robbie Robertson - Somewhere Down The Crazy River

Robbie Robertson - Broken Arrow


  1. I lapped this album up on its release, but don't return to it in the same way as I still do to The Band's catalogue. Nice to hear these tunes again though.

  2. Not one I play very often Swede.Could even be it's first play this Century!

  3. I was obsessed with Crazy River on its release, buying the single and listening to it for days on end. There's nothing else on the album to compete, but I still think SDTCR is a masterpiece.