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Saturday 16 January 2016

Celtic Connections 2007

Celtic Connections again today I'm afraid with the start of a new series.
Every year the Sunday Herald newspaper gives away a free Celtic Connections souvenir CD featuring some of the artists on that particular year's bill.
They are top quality and you probably wouldn't hesitate to pay a few quid for them.

On the CC shelves we have every year going back to 2007 hence the birth of a series and one which will keep us going until this year's Festival is a distant memory.

Let's start with Irvine's very own Eddi Reader with a beautiful Boo Hewerdine song from her album Peacetime
Ballads of the Book was a collaboration between Scottish musicians and Scottish writers curated by Roddy Woomble. Therefore it is only fitting that we feature Idlewild with  words by the late great Edwin Morgan the first Scottish Makar or national poet

I shall try to make it a rule to feature something more Celtic and traditional in every post in the series. So let's start with Kathleen MacInnes and  Òganaich An Òr-fhuilt Bhuidhe  which translates as Youth whose hair is golden yellow

Eddi Reader - Ontario

Idlewild & Edwin Morgan - The Weight of You

Kathleen MacInnes - Òganaich An Òr-fhuilt Bhuidhe

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