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Monday 4 January 2016


Last week I featured Cerys Matthews one of the great Welsh  female voices.
Here's another Gwenno Saunders.
She first came to my attention via The Robster's excellent Welsh Wednesday series.
Her Y Dydd Olaf is a must have album. The attached review from Pitchfork gives it's history and context.

Somewhat bizzarely Gwenno's first claim to fame came as part of the semi novelty all girl group The Pipettes.
There is no doubt that her music has evolved for the better.

Gwenno - Chwyldro

The Pipettes -Pull Shapes


  1. A great album, that ended up just outside my 2015 top 20. She's certainly come on a bit since the Pipettes days.

  2. Superb stuff.
    Swiss Adam

  3. Gwenno album is great, and I give full credit to the Robster for turning me on to it as well, but I thought that first Pipettes album was very good too.

  4. Ir certainly seems leaving the Pipettes is good for the muse. Julia Indelicate is another former member and I love the early Indelicates records.