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Saturday 30 January 2016

Stanraer Americana -Jay Farrar

The eight Stranraer Americana albums have not been posted in any particular order. However I thought it appropriate to conclude with Sebastopol by Jay Farrar given that the series started with Uncle Tupelo of whom he was part.
From 2001 Sebastopol is described on the sleeve as a project as opposed to an album.With 17 tracks (including 3 interludes) and at around 50 minutes (as befits a project!) it is perhaps over long.
There are however a couple of crackers on it including Barstow which includes Gillian Welsh and Dave Rawlings

Jay Farrar's voice is a bit like Marmite you either love it or you hate it . I quite like it but probably in small doses.

So there you have it. Eight pretty good Americana albums for six quid. Not a bad haul I feel. I shall be down in that part of the world again next month so you never know ....

Jay Farrar - Barstow

Jay Farrar - Outside The Door


  1. I parted ways with Son Volt after 'Wide Swing Tremelo' in 1998, but can remember reading some promising reviews for 'Sebastopol' at the time of its release that nearly tempted me back into the fold. These two tunes do sound good in isolation I have to say, though back then I increasingly found Farrar's approach a bit one dimensional, particularly when compared to his erstwhile partner in crime.
    Still, as you so rightly say, eight good albums for £6 - can't be bad at all.

    1. There weren't many of the 17 tracks which really jumped out Swede