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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Tell Laura We Love Her

I find it almost impossible to accept that Laura Cantrell has not graced the pages of CCM before
But I have double and indeed treble checked and shockingly it is indeed the case.
Her 2000 debut album Not The Tremblin' Kind on Glasgow's Spit and Polish label run by Teenage Fanclub's Francis McDonald has been memorably described by John Peel as my favourite record of the last ten years and possibly my life.
In addition to being a firm Peel favourite she was also a fellow DJ with a weekly show on WMFU The Radio Thrift Shop.
She combines her musical career with a job as a stockbroker in New York's financial district.

Three of the songs from the debut album featured in Peel's 2000 Festive Fifty but strangely neither of these two fine tracks made the final list.

Laura Cantrell -Churches Off The Interstate

Laura Cantrell - The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter


  1. Love love love Laura Cantrell. Never knew she was a stockbroker though. That kind of taints things quite a bit. Shame...

  2. Wonderful. I knew about her Radio Thrift Shop sideline, but not the Wall Street one. Who'd have thunk it?

  3. Count me in as well, fellas. And allow me to be a dopey guy with no social grace for a moment to say that I think she's very good looking. OK, I'm back now.

  4. Worth checking out her cover of Love Vigilantes (New Order)

  5. I am just as surprised as you to learn that you've never posted a song by Laura Cantrell.

  6. Laura is a goddess in my house. I've seen her too few times (3 actually) all here in Sheff. Apart from having a great voice she's a lovely person to boot. Can't ask for more than that really. I think your potted biography may me a little out of date. She rarely presents that radio programme these days and I'm sure the Wall St banker period has long since gone though I can stand corrected on that. She does write her own songs and some by her husband too but has a great knack in picking excellent songs to cover. Check out (everybody must really) Do You Ever Think Of Me, Two Seconds Of Your Time, 14th Street and All The Girls Are Complicated. Listening to Laura means that, when Aston Villa lose as they invariably do these days, I have somewhere to go to for solace.