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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Holiday Hiatus - The B-52's

Hopefully there are no parties underway Chez CC in our absence.
But even if there were it would be doubtful if the music would have been as good  as these two songs from the B-52's second album Wild Planet from 1980.
Thirty five years old for goodness sake and still as good as ever

The B-52's -Party Out of Bounds

The B-52's - Private Idaho


  1. You can't go wrong with the B52s...

  2. I have quite a bit of B52's on the shelf, CC, and Wild Planet is a close second to side one of the first album. Soft spots for Give Me Back My Man, Runnin' Around and Strobe Light. along with your picks. You'll find a lot of sad sack music in my collection, but B52's just about cancel all of that out.

    1. Give Me Back My Man is my favourite of theirs Brian. I've featured it before which is the reason it did not appear in this post