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Tuesday 20 October 2015

Ready Teddy Go

I thought that I had previously featured Teddy Thompson in my short lived It's a Family Affair Series which featured various artists from the same family.
However it appears that the series had run out of momentum before I got to the Thompsons.
I've had Separate Ways and A Piece of What You Need for a wee while and they have rarely been taken off the shelves.
However I  purchased Bela on holiday and what a tremendous album that is. On it he puts me in mind of a British Ron Sexsmith. Yup, it's that good.
On the second song the son of Richard and Linda is joined by Jenni Muldaur the daughter of Geoff and Maria.
I'm off to re-listen to the other two.

Teddy Thompson - Delilah

Teddy Thompson (with Jenni Muldaur) - Tell Me What You Want


  1. Ooh, British Ron Sexsmith, eh? You had me with the connection to Ma and Pa, but now I'm really interested.

    1. Check out Bella Brian.Much better than the other two I mentioned IMHO