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Saturday 17 October 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

Thankfully fully clothed

We are going back in time this week to 2002 folks when Miley Cyrus was only 10.
She and the Flaming Lips are  apparently planning to perform a show naked in front of a naked audience. Saints preserve us.

However back in 2002 The Flaming Lips were very good and did not have to resort to such tawdry publicity stunts to gain attention. No, rather they came up with Do You Realize?? one of the great songs of this Millennium so far and the first song on Uncut's  The Best of 2002.

Some good stuff and I have gone for two other artists who have also previously graced the CCM  pages.
First up we have Jesse Malin with Wendy from his terrific debut album The Fine Art of Self Destruction produced by Ryan Adams.
Jesse is followed by another artist who was no stranger to self destruction the late great Warren Zevon with the title track from his penultimate album My Ride's Here.

More random nonsense next Saturday.

The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize??

Jesse Malin -Wendy

Warren Zevon - My Ride's Here


  1. Breaks my heart whenever I hear Warren.

  2. I had Wendy pencilled in for next week, oh well.

  3. Wendy's great, love it. Do You Realize?? as well.

    A naked Miley Cyrus show doesn't sound all bad.

  4. A rare moment... I'm not sure I agree with SA. Sounds like the worst show ever. Three great songs today, CC.

  5. Three absolute belters. I want Do You Realise...? playing at my funeral.

  6. I was at a funeral when it was played Rol - extremely moving