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Thursday 1 October 2015

Holiday Hiatus - Goldfrapp

Songs from Seventh Tree and Head First by Goldfrapp have previously appeared on CCM.
So let's go back in time slightly with a couple from 2005's Supernature including Ooh La La their biggest UK hit which got to number 4.
Ooh La La indeed.

Goldfrapp -Ooh La La

Goldfrapp - Ride a White Horse

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  1. I know Goldfrapp can cause much discussion and conflict, as their (Wil Gregory's contribution is equal to Alison's so they are a group in my mind) sound has mophed/changed over every album, but I enjoy their musical travels through glam, pop, dance, trip hop, ethereal pop and pastoral rock.
    Supernature amped up the dance and glam quotient and while it may not be a critics favorite, it was popular and debuted at #2. Advertisers shrewdly licensed a few tracks giving the album an even broader exposure.
    Ooh La La is the T-Rex song Marc Bolan forgot to write himself. Ride A White Horse is what you might have gotten if David Bowie had produced Hot Chocolate. Brilliant stuff!