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Tuesday 6 October 2015

Holiday Hiatus - Edwyn Collins

Edwyn Collins made an appearance around this time last year as part of 2014's holiday hiatus. So let's keep up the tradition.
Here are a couple of tracks from the great Gorgeous George on Setanta from 1994.
Clearly no fan of the Summer Festival is our Edwyn.

Edwyn Collins - The Campaign For Real Rock

Edwyn Collins - Low Expectations


  1. We're being truly spoiled today thanks to you and Brian both posting songs by the great man.

  2. As the Swede said, one of those spooky blogging moments. Obviously, your taste is impeccable.

  3. Last time I saw him live was promoting that album. God, that's a long time ago. Great man.

  4. Something must be in the air

  5. He may have changed his tune re festivals. We saw him at Latitude a few years ago and he was clearly enjoying it. Max loved him.