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Thursday 15 October 2015

C'mon Eileen

As I came out of Crossroads Charity shop in Portree, Skye's largest town (population c 2500) clutching two Eileen Rose CDs I broke out in a cold sweat fearing another Darren incident.
Was I confusing her with Caitlin Rose and/or Ellen Jewell? Would she be any good?
Turns out I needn't have worried.
Come the Storm ( Banana, 2005) and At Our Tables (Evangeline, 2008) turned out to be two perfectly acceptable, if hardly earth shattering, slices of Americana courtesy of Eileen Rose Gladone out of Saugus, Boston
After having spent about 10 years in the UK where she put out a couple of records on Rough Trade and briefly performed with The Alabama 3 these albums were released on her return to the States
She is still going strong and has recorded as Eileen Rose and the Holy Wrecks and as a member of The Silver Threads
These two are taken from At Our Tables as is the picture.

Eileen Rose - $20 Dollar Shoes

Eileen Rose - Failure to Thrive


  1. Is there anybody out there?Extremely quiet on the blogging front today

  2. If it's a holiday and I'm not either dealing with French traffic jams, or sitting watching the pissing rain in Machrihanish it's a safe bet I'll be fucking painting.

  3. .... whereas I'm working in the fucking garden! One fine day I'll order ten trucks full of concrete and fill the whole place up knee-deep!! Then again: after I have done that , Mrs Loser will certainly throw me out and I'll have to spend the rest of my life somewhere else far away, probably in Machrihanish, watching the pissing rain!